Ninja Classic 2017 Version Update Prospect

2017-03-06 00:28:41


The game world of Ninja Classic has been fantastic in 2016. We’ve unlocked a lot of functions,However, we are very sorry that certain game play, updates and optimizations were not rolled out in time due to uncontrollable elements that delayed the 2016 schedule.

We will unlock more novel and exciting systems in 2017 to give you more gaming experiences. Let’s have a peak at what will come in 2017.

Note: This update prospect only illustrates some content. For details and the exact release time, please pay attention to the follow-up notices. The following content is in random order.

Latest Functions:

I. Rebel's Attack Increase in Rebel Waves

The waves of ninja rebels will be increased.

Urgent news! Rebel forces are increasing day by day. There will be more and more ninja rebels to attack our organization in the future. Grab your weapon along with your partners to fight until the last minute.

II. New Ninjas in the Ninja Club

New ninja cards will be added in the Ninja Club.

The first update is finally coming after the Ninja Club is available. New ninjas will be added. Ninjas from all five countries are waiting to be summoned.

III. Wings System Unlocking

Wings often appear in the original manga. Though ninjas have a flying ability, part of them still need a pair of wings to help them fly, glide and spiral through the air, for example, “Cursed Sasuke Status”, “Angel Konan Status”and “Butterfly Choji Status”, which are famous in the game.

After the wings system is launched, players can not only take stunning wings but also obtain strong attributes from wings.

Players can change the appearance of wings and add their attributes through raising.

V. New Ultimate Challenge Unlocked

The new Ultimate Challenge --- Boss Battle will be unlocked.

A new boss battle will be available with more ferocious bosses. The new gameplay will reduce the reward difference among players in the original boss battle and optimize your experience.

Summary: Updates in 2017 are concentrated on enhancing players’ combat power, unlocking new and highly difficult systems, balancing bad gaming experiences and creating a better game environment. Let’s look forward to new gameplay in 2017!

Future Systems:

I. Saint’s Road Phase 2

The ultimate practice “Saint’s Road”phase 2 is coming up!

The ultimate achievement and toughest battle will be unlocked for strong ninjas like you! Are you ready to have the best practice?

II. Reincarnation Stages of Six Paths Arcanum

Reincarnation stages will be unlocked in the Six Paths Arcanum.

Designed for reincarnation players, reincarnation stages are very difficult to pass but the rewards are very attractive.

III. Yggdrasil and Doll Adventure

In the current version, if players go offline, they will receive less rewards from the game. Therefore, a new auto-play system: Yggdrasil and Doll Adventure will be introduced.

There is an automatic practice function in this system, which can produce Silver, EXP, Coupons and other rewards continuously. Players can obtain EXP, Silver and other items even without Activity. This system can increase players’ EXP substantially before reincarnation, thus speeding up the growth of low-level players.

IV. Soul Array

The “Soul Array”--- Tailed Beast Battle system will be unlocked in the future.

In the current version, tailed beasts can only add bonuses to ninja teams and function as watchers in battle. This setting will be changed in 2017.

After the adjustment, the tailed beast battle mechanism will be added to the game. Tailed beasts will go to battle directly and release skills to cause enemies with damage. This mechanism will increase tailed beast rewards tremendously.

V. True S. Ability System

We will unlock the True S. Ability --- Characters’ initial skill enhancement gameplay.

We have launched numerous functions to enhance characters. In the future, we will continue to unlock character gameplay to increase characters’ combat power. After this system is unlocked, players will be able to receive resources through gameplay and enhance skills by collecting resources. Once skills are enhanced, the skill damage efficient will be increased and extra statuses can be added.