Server Merger on Feb 24, 2017

2017-02-22 02:40:07

Dear Players,

It had been a few months since Ninja Classic had released and Hokage Dreams come true. Now, with your support and recommendation, we open a wilder stage for you to challenge!

In response to player’s requirement and to let players enjoy a better gaming experience, promoting communications among players and preparing for other fabulous systems in later stage of the game, we decide to carry out a Server Merge.

We will transfer your character data for the merge. When we finish transferring your data, we will start Server Merge events. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Note: Server Merge will not cause any loss in your inventory and mail or any other valuable data for characters.

Server Merge soon! Stay tuned for Ninja Classic!

Merge Servers:

Merge Time:

01:00 am - 03:00 am(CST, Server Time), Feb 24, 2017


We will need to turn off the servers for this event. Please be aware of the merge time to prevent any loss. Maintenance will last for about 2 hours.

I. Rules:

1. Server login remains unchanged. Players still enter the game from where they used to.

Eg. Player A has character A1 at server S5. Player A will still need to log in though S5 when log in the game.

2. Players who have the same name in different servers have to get a new name before entering the server. (Duplicate name is not allowed. )

Eg. Player A from S4 named XXX and player B from S5 also named XXX. If player A logs in before player B did, then Player A has to change the name. When Player B logs in, if player A has already changed character name, then Player B DONOT need to change name.

3. All Ranking Data will be RESET.


1). Arena Ranking

2). Realm battle report history

3). Battle Point Ranking

4). Konoha Conquest Ranking

5). Konoha Defense Ranking

6). Top Kage’s battle report history

II. Rules on guild

1. All status of a guild to new server.

2. If duplicate name occur in a guild, system will auto add random numbers at the end of the name.

Eg. Guild name Hokage will be changed to Hokage+777(Random Number)

3. Konoha Defense will be reset. Guild need to fight for it on next Konoha Conquest.

III. Special Rules.

1. After Server merge, VIP level and Gold will remain unchanged.

2. Process of Recharge will remain unchanged.

3. Server Merger Events will start after the merge.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for your support and will make every effort to improve the game. So immerse yourself into the best Ninja game now!

Ninja Classic Operating Group

Feb 22, 2017