Ninja Classic New Feature Notice

2016-12-06 00:21:37

Dear Players,

A new version update will be conducted in all servers on December 10 or so. It will bring optimization and new content.

Feature One: Ninja Wings

About Ninja Wings:

1. Different transformation effects can be achieved after enhancing Ninja Wings to a required level.

2. Ninja Wing attribute bonuses are effective on all battle ninjas.

3. The equipped image is only shown on the main character.

4. Each mode of the Firewing Cave instance can be challenged once daily. Every instance can be reset once.

5. Only VIP8+ players can reset the Firewing Cave.

Feature Two: Ninja Bond

New ninjas were added to the Ninja Cards in the “Ninja Bond”.

Here comes the first “Ninja Bond” update since it was launched. New ninjas will join you then. Famous ninjas from the five kingdoms are waiting to be summoned!

Feature Three: Lv.500 Forbidden Jutsu Lab Unlocked

Lv.500 Forbidden Jutsu Lab was unlocked.

Ninja Classic Operation Group

Dec 6, 2016