NC Updates in Nov.4

2016-11-02 04:22:21

Dear Players,

In upcoming Nov 4, we are going to update the game and release a new version. Please stay tuned for new game content and optimizations!

New Functions:

1:Rebeller's Attack Expansion Introduction:

1)Expanded Rebeller's Attack, added wave 101-200 monsters.

2)After the 100th wave, materials box will not be available. You may get Lv.4 jade.

2:Samsara Land:

1)Samsara Land is open when the main hero reaches reincarnation 2. Samsara Stones will drop in Samsara Land.

2)Samsara Stone can be used to upgrade Rinne Six Paths (When the Rinne Six Paths reaches the highest level, Samsara Reinne Six Paths will open.)

Ninja Classic Operating Group

Nov 2, 2016